Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's like...

Salt & Pepper
Lucy & Ethel
Chocolate & Peanut Butter
Laverne & Shirley
Fred & Barney
Bread & Butter
Sponge Bob & Patrick

That's what it is for my best friend & me!! We met 21 years ago, on our first day of freshman orientation, in college! We are still the best of friends. Even with the "big pond" Lake Michigan between us!!

So today Greg, the girlies & I have loaded up the sexy mini van, & are right now traveling down the road!! I am looking forward to a weekend away...some good food, some yummy drinks & lots of fun.

We often talk about taking the leap over the "big pond", making a home closer to each other.
Our husbands have many things in common, first & foremost drumming. They have become great friends too (I'm so glad, cause I'd hate to have to leave the husband home while I go to visit ).

While they are off doing man cave things, my best friend & I would be siting in rockers on the back porch sipping our Sangria's or Mojito's, watching the kids play & "catching up"!!

Ahhh, maybe someday!!

I found this on Pinterest, it pretty much sums it up...our friendship!

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