Friday, December 30, 2011

Don't want You to Think...

that I went all the way through the Christmas posts and didn't mention a thing about thrifting or vintage. Cause you know that's not how I roll...

I of course mentioned in this post that I got the box for Greg at our local "junk shop". Well, I should probably state that I live about 10 miles outside of a small village (approx. 1,200 people INSIDE the village limits) & shopping is limited without a lot of travel time. There is a local family run grocery store, a Family Dollar, and a couple other specialty stores. There is one antique store that I mentioned here and next to it is a thrift/resale/junk store. Its a favorite haunt of mine...

It's owned and run by a local man who goes to estate sales on the last day and buys out the remaining items at a great price and then passes the savings on to the locals. It's not a fancy store by any really want to go in there if you like digging through boxes, flipping through piles or snaking through furniture. I have bought quite a few items in my house from a great price! (here, here & here) I love this store!

These are a few of the littles I got when I went there (specifically looking for a metal box and some playing cards) looking for Christmas things!

The 2 Santa mugs made in Japan. I think I paid $.25 each.  The little Angel candle holder made in Norway another $.25. They immediately got displayed on my shadow box with the other Christmassy things!

These 4 vintage ornaments...also 25 cents each. They had some bare spots where the flocking was rubbed off, but only in places that don't show if they are hanging on the tree! They were a perfect addition to the white Christmas tree this year!

I'm already planning another trip in to the junk shop. He had a large end table made specifically to set in a corner.  I'm thinking it will make a perfect entertainment center, until I come across the perfect MCM buffet (which I have yet to find in my budget)...Oh, and he probably has all his Christmas things on "clearance". He has some of the old vintage trees lights, tinsel and bulbs and I'm thinking a nice DIY project like this would be perfect for next year....

More Vintage Ornament Wreaths

 I'm looking forward to a lot more fun digging for treasures as the year 2012 comes quickly upon us! How about you? Are you looking forward to doing some fun things in the next year? Share with me....It's not hard, just click the comment button and spill your guts to me!!!

Happy New Year to all my Readers (whether you comment or not)!!  May God richly bless you in all your dreams and endeavors of the new year....  jeanette


  1. Never found the joy in thrusting but I'm glad it makes you happy and saves you money while making money

  2. That was suppose to say Thrifting. Get you mind out of the gutter.