Thursday, September 20, 2012

In our classroom...

I have used many items from around the house. It's helped keep the cost down, while making the room inviting & fun!

I have over the past year, or so, picked up some vintage planters. They are plentiful in the thrifts....quite inexpensive. I found these two for around $1 each.

Since I'm not a green thumb when it comes to house plants, I had them sitting in the girls rooms holding crayons & pencils & pens. I decided to clean them out, but still use them for pencils. There was just one problem...the pencils wouldn't stand up unless, the opening was stuffed full. I only want 6-8 pencils (nicely sharpened & easy to grab) for each girls. I had to wrack my brain....a pantry staple came to the rescue!

I filled the planter with the dried beans & the helped the pencils stay upright! Yay me!! Sometimes I amaze myself!

This cutie holds our colored pencils...

They work wonderfully, & the girl's have something cute to look at. Better than a pencil box? I think so!!

How about you? Have you taken an item & used it for a purpose other than what it was intended?!? Tell me about your repurposed item! I love to hear about great minds working!!!


  1. Smarty pants!! Now you got me thinking.. My smartness recently has only gone as far as when I am trying to give something away, in that moment I realize where it would work perfectly in our home. Lol. I did need a cute storage piece the other day and ended up using a tin water can. Lol. Love your blog. I'm one of your new IG followers. <3xojo

    1. Thanks Jordan! I'm glad ur enjoying the blog! I love's allowed me to "mini" blog through the whole packing, driving & moving process! Hoping to get back on the computer sooner, rather than later!! Thanks for the hearing from people!